Where to Host Your Website Videos for Free?

There’s a common misconception that once you launch your new website, you can add videos all over the place and have everything run smoothly. While that might be the case for imagery, it’s a less desirable option for bandwidth-hungry videos. What’s more, it can cause all manner of gremlins to come out of the woodwork. Instead, you need to look at website hosting for videos.

Instead of uploading your video content directly onto your website, chewing through your bandwidth and storage space, you may find it beneficial to host it on another platform, displaying it on your site instead.

Didn’t know such a thing existed? Well, you do now. Here are a few of the many free website hosting video options that will work well for your videoing needs going forward.


YouTube continues to be one of the most famous mainstream video streaming platforms, and it’s clear to see why: it’s multi-purpose. You can use it as a social channel, earn money with advertising, and view all your favorite content. You can also upload all your video content onto it, embedding it onto your website with ease.

As a result, it loads quicker, doesn’t use your servers or bandwidth, and runs far smoother without slowing down your website. What’s more, Google owns YouTube, giving you a better opportunity to rank higher in search engine results. It’s definitely one of the best free website hosting video servers around.


DailyMotion is not as good as YouTube, with more rules and regulations with what you can and can’t do, but if you have reasons for not choosing YouTube, then it might be an excellent second choice. On DailyMotion, you can upload videos up to an hour in length, as long as they are 2GB or less. You can also choose between a free or paid account, meaning it’s a valid option for free website hosting for videos.


Don’t plan on uploading too many videos? Then Vimeo could be an excellent option. If you want free video website hosting, then you get to benefit from ad-free video uploads embedded onto your website that don’t cost a dime. Instead, the only catch is that you can only upload 500MB per week or 25GB per year. However, that’s where the negative points end. Vimeo has no file size or duration limits, only costing money once you go past that 500MB limit.

Free website hosting for your videos can save a whole lot of grief, particularly if you are trying to speed up your site and use less bandwidth. Try these options above and enjoy the seamless embedding process, free price tag, and convenient upload processes.

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