The Best Whiteboard Animation Software for Mac

When it comes to making top-notch product explainer videos for your brand, you need the best tools at your disposal. One such tool is a computer device. You want a device that is fast and has multiple features and functionalities that make creating explainer videos easy. One of the best devices to make scintillating animated whiteboard animated explainer videos is Mac. But even with a splendid Mac computer, some whiteboard animation software may not integrate with it. That’s why you’ll need to take the time to choose a whiteboard animated software that integrates with Mac. Happily, we’ve done that for you. Check the two best down here:

EasySketchPro is a cool software to help you create whiteboard animated explainer videos

Besides being whiteboard animation software, EasySketchPro can help you generate leads. On top of that, it comes with the option for multiple video publishing, including a call to opt-in form, and the ability to obtain a comprehensive report of viewer interaction with your whiteboard animated explainer video. The minimum subscription for EasySketchPro is $37. The new version of EasySketchPro is insanely fast and comes with a better user-interface than its predecessor. EasySketchPro allows you to incorporate live ‘’hot spots” to make your explainer videos much more interactive. The software also lets you add URLs to platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, affiliate links and twitter to your explainer videos. And here is the kicker: viewers can call you directly at any point of the video for inquiries through the ‘’Click-to-call” button.

Explaindio is a whiteboard animated explainer video software for Mac

If you keep tabs on animation software, you know that Explaindio is the most popular among marketers and business owners. It’s perfect for making persuading, engaging and high-converting whiteboard animated explainer videos to grow your brand. It comes with preloaded animated slides to enable you to create green screen recordings. The remarkable thing about Explaindio is that it offers a 7-day money back guarantee to test it out before you make a full software purchase. It’s easy to use, so you don’t need special skills or attend any training to make explainer video with it. Explaindio is feature-rich and comes with a user-friendly interface to give you an excellent user experience. Also, every slide comes with the option to slot in your music and voice-over.

Well, these two whiteboards animated software work exceptionally well on Mac. So this absolute highlight will save you the time and effort you would have wasted searching for whiteboard animation software for Mac.

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